Trees for Goals

It does not matter how small you are, everything you do for the environment counts. I am 15 years old and I love football and outdoor adventure. I understood the impact of deforestation, climate change and plastic pollution when I was about 11 years old.

I decided to do something about it. I combined my love for football and nature. I committed that for every goal I score I plant a tree. That’s how the Trees for Goals initiative was born. Through the initiative, I have influenced change in my school, football club, local community as well as encourage my peers to join the tree planting and growing efforts.

I increased my target seven times; for every goal, I score I plant 10 trees, then to 11 times my initial target: for every goal, I score I plant 11 trees it represents team effort in football and the contribution by my football team. I have planted over 1000 trees in the last two years.

Story as told by 15-year-old Lesein Mutunkei. His passion for football and the outdoors gave birth to the Trees 4 Goals Initiative. Through the platform, he advocates, for afforestation to increase Kenya’s forest cover.



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Our strength to effect change lies in our collaboration -#TogetherforNature. #Forests #Livelihoods #Marine #Wildlife #Freshwater #SustainableEnergy #NiSisiSote